Tuesday, 7 April 2009

chihuahua children

Yes that is a goat not a chihuahua but it is relevant, honest.

The 'Dad Rules' column in the Sunday Times caught my eye in bed on Sunday night, here's a flavour of it:

"Who are Chihuahua Children? They are infants, aged one to five. They are typically engaged in trying to control all events in the home from their base of operations on Mum's knee. Their goal — which they achieve by yapping, crying or trembling — is to ensure that nobody else talks, Mum never leaves, and that they’re dining constantly on treats."

We'd had a really lovely, sunny, family Sunday out at Easton Farm Park where Grace got to hug a bunny, feed the goats, ride the tractors etc etc. And then I read that column and thought how much of our day i had spent moulding things to ensure that grace wasn't tipped over the edge at any point. i was so embarrassed at one stage as i actually tempted her away from the swings with a bag of crisps (child-friendly crisps if there is such a thing but none the less crisps!) just so that we could all sit down and have lunch together without her going into meltdown. and as i did it i saw a man looking at me as if to say 'she's not a dog!'. (good job i didn't have her on the lead at the time - i mean the reins of course...).

but still, we had a lovely day out so is it so bad that i result to bribery even if i do feel like a dog-owner with pockets full of rich teas? i mean she is very good at saying please and thank you and they do say you should choose your battles carefully. just don't remind me of this in years to come when she's a spoilt little brat refusing to do anything until daddy buys her a pony!

and just to end on the subject of hockey again - it was a win on saturday and he was man of the match, a great way to end the season. my hero. the first fishing trip is planned for thursday...

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