Thursday, 7 May 2009

what an exciting week!

this week has been rather exciting as follows:

1) I had a very lovely birthday on tuesday. james and i went to the cinema together for the first time since pre-grace. we saw State of Play and it was very good. then we went for a macdonalds and came home to thankfully watch man utd beat arsenal in the semi-final of the champions league.

2) we had a fab 12 week scan on wednesday morning and above is our first picture of Stacey Jr Mk2. The due date is currently 17 November (bex's birthday) but i'll put money on it being a week late. We have to go back for another scan next wednesday because the little badger wasn't quite big enough to do the full nuchal scan but at least we'll get another photo!

3) Waitrose opened today in Saxmundham. this is very very exciting local news as previously our closest big supermarket was about a 30 min drive away. can't wait to go!

4) James caught a 34lb12oz carp on Saturday at the lake in hommersfield. very impressive for the first trip of the season and naturally more fishing items have been appearing in the house than ever now. i think the next trip is planned for tomorrow.

so a lot's been happening. and that's probably why i got a migraine at work this morning and james had to come and rescue me (i can't drive with migraines). this one was particularly special because i couldn't even put my sentences together properly on the way home, nice. ah well just over-tiredness i expect and i did sleep for hours when i got home.

i did just enjoy watching 'kirstie's homemade home' agiain on C4 though. that programme has had such bad ratings but i love it! did anyone really need another programme about how to renovate and wallpaper?? much nicer to focus on the girly stuff in my opinion!

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