Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Who needs sunshine when you have socks?

I've just had a rather theraputic session sewing up what will hopefully be a rather cute sock monster. Currently looking a little bit more like an Alpaca. But it was so nice sitting and doing something non-computer related whilst husband fiddled with his tackle box. I will post a pic of the final result (if not too embarrassed). All thanks to Mrs Waring at:

Lovely way to unwind after a long day of writing proposals at work. Grace, bless her heart, had her first disrupted night in the new bed last night - she was pretty much up from 3-6am. Poor james played bad cop and it was like listening to an episode of supernanny. So we were all a bit groggy today and very grateful for mother and sister-in-law being here to cook a post-work tea and do bathtime hurrah! And then praise the lord she went straight to bed tonight so fingers crossed she'll have a better night.

I'm off to bed now too with my trusty bottle of Gaviscon. Oh the joys of pregnancy :)

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