Thursday, 17 September 2009

Return of the Sock

Following yesterdays migraine and today's migraine hangover I wanted to focus on something non-screen this evening. So I've made a test owl for the owl mobile that I'm pattern-testing for Claire at Craft Shmaft. It was lovely doing some sewing again. I have to make the complete mobile by 25 Sept so I'll need to take it to Dad's this weekend but I thought I'd do a trial owl tonight with one of Grace's old socks to work out what socks would work best. He's pretty cute despite not having any wings yet (I need to get fabric tomorrow). Anyway, will update on progress when I start making the real thing.

A friend on facebook today posted a quote that said something along the lines of art should be a one-off and craft should be repeated. I'm definitely more craft than art. I need to practice too much for art!

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