Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fields - Part 3 - October 2010

I am so late posting these photos, it's been a busy month, but suddenly it's time for me to take the November one's so better late than never. These were taken in the first week of October. I was rushing past one day and the sun was shining so I just took these on my phone.

The pretty field

The busy field (not busy at all... )

Typically, during the second week of October the maize was finally harvested. We went past as it was happening but we were late for ballet so no time to stop and snap. I had to laugh at myself though for being so engrossed in what they were doing!

Oh, and the photo below is of a field that I pass on my way to work and this was taken back in the Summer. These gorgeous sunflowers gradually looked more and more sad as the months went on until finally last week they were harvested too. So it's been a busy time around here lately, I particularly notice the trailer loads of onions (they smell).

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