Friday, 27 March 2009

chocolate cake is good for the soul

feeling much better now following an easter egg hunt at a friends house this afternoon with our NCT chums. sadly we returned home too late to make it to circuit training... shame.

By the way I am now the proud owner of this little beauty, a Barbour Washed Twill International Jacket - what a lovely husband. I also tried on a lovely Avoca Renaissance dress, perfect for Kevin's wedding party! the thing i've found we need to be wary of however is shoe-horning ourselves into O&C clothes just because we have access to them rather than wanting them. don't let me forget that generally speaking the shop is targetting the 45+ market!!

apparently there are some great Dents bags on the way though...

hold onto your hats, matt hayes is about to net a very large rudd at horseshoe lake in lechlade near my hometown of highworth. it's depressing that i've watched this programme before. definitely time for bed!


  1. What's a rudd? Has the shopkeeper been channel hogging?

    Nice jacket by the way!

    a + little o

  2. A rudd is a fish i'm afraid!



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