Wednesday, 18 March 2009

how very grown up

james has just got home from his first meeting of the aldeburgh business group as vice-president, how terribly grown up! sounds like there's a good group of people on board so lets hope they can get some momentum going and worry about things other than the christmas lights (not that I'm denying the lights their importance of course...).

I had a very busy day at work today - proposals coming out of my ears and I thought people didn't have any money to spend? perhaps they really are turning to digital as a more effective way to spend their marketing budget. alas this meant that I missed a gloriously sunny day - most annoying seeing as it was so grey and cold when grace and I braved aldeburgh beach yesterday morning. But little grace had a fab day out with grandad and gran-jan - they went to RSPB Minsmere the lucky things.

Can someone remind me I have 3 over-ripe bananas in the fridge waiting for me to make banana bread on friday afternoon? beccy truly has turned into her mother since having the twins and now puts me to shame by arriving everywhere laden with very delicious cakes and brownies, yum. how does she do that AND look after two 2 year olds?! apparently her banana bread recipe is one of nigella's so i'll be attempting that on friday. beccy says i can soak the sultanas in any spirit i have to hand - I can't help feeling that will be a waste of my lovely Citadelle gin though...

And finally... check out the lovely new Barbour images on our homepage (you may need to refresh a few times) summer is on the way! New Spring/Summer items are slowly being added to the site (bless Daryl for his patience with the software we have to work with!!) and I'll certainly be trying this little Barbour Mac on next time I'm in the shop! Oh, and I'm very excited because I'm being allowed to have an input into the new curtain fabric for the ladies changing rooms - so easily pleased. How about this Liberty Fabric? I LOVE the Liberty website!

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  1. Hey Wifey,

    Loving the new homepage!! Looks very sophisticated indeed.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best from your avid readers Amy and Olivia


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