Friday, 27 March 2009

a strange old week

i was determined to write on here at least once a week and already i've failed but it's been an odd week. it feels like it's been an emotional week. mothers day on sunday which is never a good day for me, even though i get spoilt by grace now. i went to cambridge to meet some friends for lunch and cried nearly all the way there after hearing about jade goody. i was never a fan so perhaps i'm a hypocrit but it was just so tragic that those little boys should wake up on mothers day without a mummy. a friends husband died this week too. and again there were too gorgeous children left grieving for a parent - they are so young too it brakes my heart.

so you see, that's why i haven't written much this week, it's all been a bit sad really. on the bright side grace has had a lot of fun entertaining Barnaby Bear from nursery. we had to look after him all week and take photos of his travels. this photo above is my favourite of the bunch with Grandma and Peter at Minsmere.

don't worry, i'm sure it won't be long before i'm back to talking about shoes and handbags again :)

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